Winter Camp December 2023

Date: 12th Dec 2023 Author: Scout Websites

Day 1 

Shabbat is a day of rest – but not on camp it seems as it’s been manic today.

Starting last night we had a quiz with teams comprising of a mix of Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Traditional Friday night dinner of chicken soup and roast chicken followed with Chanukah donuts to finish.Cubs and Beavers did some indoor games and the Scouts did a wide game. Then it was off to bed.
This morning started amazingly with all the Beavers and Cubs actually following Dan’s instructions, staying quietly in their rooms until a leader came to get them.
I know every parent thinks I’m joking but you’re all wrong: that’s exactly what happened!
After breakfast Scouts had a Shabbat service in the “Gilwell Shul” and the Beavers and Cubs did their, now traditional, “Shabbat Celebration” in our lodge with a focus on this week’s sedra of Joseph.
More fun activities and games preceded lunch with fencing, bouldering (basically, horizontal rock climbing) and a faith walk filling the afternoon before Havdalah and Chanukah candle lighting.
Camp wouldn’t be camp without a camp fire and, thanks to Michael, it was a festival of fun singing before dinner.
After dinner (incl three birthdays) we’ve been doing “laser-quest” with the Beavers and Cubs.

After the laser-quest, Beavers and Cubs all gathered in the hall for “movie night”. Beavers watched a bit of “Alvin and the Chipmunks” before being taken off to bed and then, guided again by this week’s sedra, we watched (and sung along to) “Joseph and his Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat”, accompanied with hot chocolate and popcorn.

Cubs lay on the floor in their sleeping bags, dressed in their pyjamas to watch and, at the end, those that hadn’t already started dreaming about “7 fat ears of corn and 7 fat cows” were given the choice to stay in the hall for a mass sleepover or return to their rooms immediately. At least 15 of them stayed and slept in hall.

If they don’t sleep well again tonight I’ll eat my hat (mind you, with the quantity and quality of food here I don’t need anything more!!! Thank you Melissa, Alan and Keith for your work in the kitchen for us this weekend.)

Day 2

Sunday continued as “full-on” as Saturday had been but, before that, I promised you the rest of Saturday’s news!!

This morning, after packing their stuff and cleaning / clearing their rooms we tucked into a cooked (eggy-bread – yummy!!) breakfast.

Cubs and Beavers then did aero-ball (a kind of trampoline volleyball), low ropes climbing and archery, for the first time taught by our very own, newly qualified, Robin Hood (literally – you’ll see!!) and his merry men, aka Michael, Howard and Perry.

Then it was time for lunch and the closing ceremony (incl. the last Cubs “Living The Law” award presentation of the year – well done Shoshana) before reuniting every child with their parents and tidying/cleaning up so it was like we were never there!!!


As usual, the Leaders wish to thank you all for lending us your kids for the weekend as it wouldn’t be the same without them. They’ve thoroughly exhausted us all but it’s a huge pleasure to see them all having such a great time and learning / improving / mastering so many new “Skills for Life”.

And finally – re-live a bit of camp by watching the camp video – click on the image below:

Enjoy the break and see you all in 2024.
Put your phone down and what are you left with? Just teamwork, courage and the skills to succeed.’
Bear Grylls, Chief Scout Bear Grylls