11th Edgware Cub scout on the grass sledging at JSAC 2011

11th Edgware Beaver Scouts

11th Edgware Beaver Colony started up in September 2010 with 12 Beavers - aged between six and eight years old. In just two terms we have reached our maximum capacity of 24 Beavers and our waiting list is ever growing.

The Colony has enjoyed a full and fun programme with a recent visit to Stanmore Fire Station, a fancy dress Purim party, learning about Beavers throughout the world and Cheesecake making for Shavuot. We also had a fantastic time at the Beaver Sleepover earlier in the year.

Every term the Beavers complete at least two Activity Badges and a Challenge Badge. These include carrying out various experiments, using our imagination to create things from recyclable rubbish and this term seeing how fit and healthy all our Beavers are.

Our Beavers love to make anything edible - from decorating biscuits to look like Beavers, to spaghetti and marshmallow towers. They are especially creative, and messy, when it comes to doing arts and crafts and have produced some fantastic pieces to take home including life sized cut outs of themselves as 11th Edgware Beavers and rain sticks.

The team of Beaver Leader, Young Leaders and adult helpers works hard to ensure the Beavers have a great meeting every week and thoroughly enjoy joining in with the activities and teaching the Colony a whole range of new skills.

With such a packed programme and so many Beavers we always welcome an extra pair of hands so if you would like to join in the fun and become one of our leaders we would be delighted to have you.